Stan Winchester Singing Call Page

Stanley White Winchester
May 5, 1926 - September 15, 1997

"A mathematical genius who used his gift in the unlikely application of writing extremely intricate choreography for square dancing."


Those of us in the challenge square dance community in the 1980's were first exposed to Stan and Coty Winchester through one of his singing call tapes. Stan was a challenge dancer, and not a professional caller. He enjoyed writing clever singing call figures each of which featured several C3 or C4 calls used in deceptively similar ways. Stan recorded his choreography in a smooth, low key, unhurried style of delivery and with impeccable timing. Don't be fooled! It takes the best of dancers to get through any of his singing calls without stopping the tape as the creative choreography and close timing brook no missteps.

History (in his own words)

I started doing the singing calls in 1980 to help our group learn calls such as 1/4 The Deucey, Scoot And Fancy, and Step Lively. I would work the sequences out on paper (guessing at the number of beats required for each call) and record them on a cassette. Over a period of 6 months or so I had accumulated 30 or 40 singing calls. A member of our group sent a cassette of 6 singing calls to a C3 friend in California. Some 3 or 4 months later I got a letter from Bill Heimann in Chicago, and then one from Chuck & Betsy Berry in Hartford. They had danced the singing calls and were very enthusiastic about them—they encouraged me to continue doing them and to make them available to other dancers around the country.

What next?

Stan continued to record new tapes and mail copies to an increasing fan base. By 1990 he had recorded 41 tapes with 6 singing calls each. However, he also was diagnosed with colon cancer and underwent several operations, radiation, and chemotherapy. By 1992 he was starting to feel better but no longer recording or selling tapes. He died in 1997, survived by his wife Coty, and daughters Wendy, Wanda, and Sherry.

Several C4 tape groups continue to dance to Stan's tapes. I believe they are still used in both northern and southern California, Chicago, and in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They have also been featured for the last several years at formal and informal sessions at the Tech Squares weekend and the Fall Challenge Weekend.

No one seems to have a complete collection of tapes, and even the existing tapes are not all in good shape or of good quality. Also, there are new C4 dancers in the United States, Germany, Sweden, and Japan who have never heard of Stan Winchester and his singing calls and would probably really enjoy them.

Collection and preservation

As I was preparing for the March 2005 Tech Squares weekend, I had the idea of locating and digitizing my small collection of Winchester tapes (11 sides). Next I communicated with the MIT tape group (Jim Carey) which led me to a 6 hour reel of tape assembled by Bruce Roe. Jim had digitized this on his laptop and had notes on some of the singing calls relating to which calls were used and how the group did with them. Later I sent out e-mail to anyone I knew in the C4 community who might have tapes. At that point the goal was to locate and catalogue what was in existence. The next step was going to be to see what the quality was and then digitize the best copy of each one we could find. While I sent and received a few e-mails no real progress was made.

As I was preparing for the October 2005 Fall Challenge Weekend, I did some web searching and was able to find Stan's obituary and an interesting newspaper article on him in The Charlotte Observer. From there I sent e-mail to his daughter's husband and eventually established e-mail contact with his daughter Wendy. I learned that Coty, who we had been out of contact with for at least 10 years, was still in Charlotte and doing fine. In addition she had saved all of Stan's original tapes and notes! With any luck these should provide a complete collection and the best sound quality possible.

While at the Spring 2006 Callerlab convention in Charlotte, I made arrangements to visit Coty and Wendy and spend the day digitizing as much as I could (tapes #101 to #123). The original tapes seemed in good shape and the results of this visit are very good. In July 2006 I made a second trip down and digitized the rest (tapes #124 to #141). However, the results of this session were of poor quality, probably due to some settings on the tape players or dirty heads. While at the June 2007 National Square Dance Convention in Charlotte, I spent a day redoing the botched batch and, with a little more care, was able to obtain excellent results.


Stan created these tapes because it was fun, helped his tape group, and continued making them because of the feedback and encouragment he received. This was not a business for him.

Coty Winchester is making MP3s of Stan's singing calls available under a Creative Commons license (see Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License). The two restrictions are Attribution (you must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor) and Noncommercial (you may not use this work for commercial purposes). The attribution clause can be satisfied either by attributing the work to Stan Winchester or referring to this web page, or both.

Good things to know about dancing these tapes

  1. These were created between 1980 and 1990. The lists have changed.
  2. Most feature a few calls used in a variety of ways. Sometimes the calls are easily confused (e.g., Regroup and Trip The Set or Scoot Chain Thru and Spin Chain Thru).
  3. Virtually every singing call uses some call which is now C4. If you want to use these tapes at C2 or C3A you need to find the ones which are mainly on the level you want and teach the calls which are now off-level. Often these will be Curli Cross or Deuces Wild.
  4. There is perhaps only one suitable for C1.
  5. There are perhaps 6-8 suitable for C2 (tape #136 contains 6 C2 singing calls).
  6. There are some C3A and some C3B.
  7. The majority are only accessible to good C4 dancers.
  8. In asymmetric sequences, Promenade means to promenade to the beau's original home position.
  9. While Take Your Time is a call, it is not a call that Stan uses—consider it patter.
  10. Stan uses a few calls which never became popular and are no longer in use. At some point these will be pointed out and definitions will be given.
  11. Stretch vs. Stretched Box/Wave/Line—Early tapes will just use the term "Stretch" and sometimes mean Stretch and sometimes mean Stretched Formation. This was our understanding of the Stretch concept back then. Later tapes may use the terms Old Stretch and New Stretch. Old Stretch is what we call Stretch (i.e., doing the call in your group of 4 and stretching it at the end). New Stretch is what we call Stretched Formation (i.e., starting with each group of 4 stretched out and having the separated dancers all end together).
  12. Some dancers will find them too fast. You need good reaction times and you need to keep your square small and dance to the music. Dancers trained in stop and go dancing will have problems.
  13. Some dancers say that they can't understand him. Often this is because the material is too hard and fast and the end result is a belief that they can't hear or understand.
  14. An aid that has worked well for us is to do each singing call by parts (there are usually 7 parts to a singing call). Have a leader who has a transcript of each part. (I will try to make these transcripts available on this site.) Walk the square through the first part. Play the tape and dance the first part. The walk thru will help with the speed and understanding Stan's accent.
  15. These singing calls aren't for everyone. If you are excited to do them and others are getting frustrated, perhaps wait until another time or do it with a different group.
  16. Some C4 tape groups start each session by dancing a few Winchesters.
  17. I wish we had an ordered list from easiest to hardest but we don't. Just having a database of which calls are used in each would be useful but we don't have that yet, either.

Feedback and Appreciation

Feel free to e-mail me with comments and suggestions on this site.

I am collecting stories, memories, and tributes about Stan and his singing calls that you are willing to share publicly. E-mail them to Clark Baker and I will add them to this web page.

I would like to create a "We tried Stan" section to the page. Ett McAtee says, "Invite people to say that they met the challenge of dancing the singing calls and report their success (or frustrations) ... or of dancing with wind in their face and having FUN doing so." E-mail me your comments and I will add them to the web page. Be the first and get this section started.

Wendy (Stan's daughter) has been my main contact on this project. If you have any stories, memories, or just want to let her know what Stan meant to you, you can e-mail her at She sees her mom regularly and will pass them along.

The Future

The actual singing calls

My intent was that people would download the various singing calls at they needed them. Users would have immediate access to the entire collection and no one was bothered having to copy and mail CDs. However, if your goal is to download all of them, it would probably be better for me to send them to you on a single CD and save all the download time and bandwidth. E-mail me if that is what you want to do.

Each of the links below connects you to an MP3 file. If you click the link, your browser should start to play that singing call.

To download the MP3 file to your computer, simply right click (control click on a Mac) on the link, choose "Save Target As...", "Save Link As ...", or "Download Linked File" (this will vary from browser to browser so it might be something similar) and choose the location where you want to save the file.

From there you could use your computer to play the singing call or burn it on a CD and play it with any CD player. Keith Rubow has an extensive description on using a computer and MP3s to play recorded square dance events ina tape group setting.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.

The following descriptions are as Stan wrote them, complete with his abbreviations. Descriptions from tapes 124-141 have not yet been carefully checked for OCR errors.

A better way of cataloging and finding appropriate singing calls is in progress at It will be worth you while to visit there. When it is done, I will probably remove this listing.

* always promenade to beau's home

"take your time" is not a call

Tape #101

after ball: triple play, 1/4 deuc, flip back (FB), single wheel & roll
don't think twice: swing along (SWL), rel shad, strip diam, foll to diam, x neigh, /14 deuc
ma: spin CT (4), scoot CT (4)
big boss man: team up, fan thru, peel CT, ease off, SWL, ch react, strut R, triple play
something bout you: spin ch line, pass & roll, cast shad
stay until tomorrow: team up, x lock it, swing back; twice: split recycle, ah so, wh & deal, turn & deal

Tape #102

wrong road again: motivate (3), ripple one
bring back: wipe out, trixie spin, FB
chain gang: foll lead, chkover, keep busy (KB), triple play, bits & pieces, alamo 1/4 thru
ain't love a good thing: chisel thru, ch sq, outlet, FB, ping pong circ
this time for love: catch 3, split transf, latch on, strut R, SWL
boogie grass band: reproup; chisel thru, pass & roll, KB, x neigh

Tape #103

bandy: change wave, motivate, wind bobbin, FB
riding thumb: snap lock, link up, lockers choice, 1 & 2 rollaway
slipping away: sq bases, ch sq, cc shad & deuc, spin ch line, rel top & deuc
country rain: flip neigh, KB, SWL, chisel thru, 1/4 deuc, ch sq, gr ch 8
love train: dbl downs, gee whiz, rims trade sc & dodge, orbit circ
everybody's fool: swingolate workshop, link up, plan ahead, team up, triple play, strut R. *arky prom

Tape #104

good hrt woman: foll lead, chkover, drift apart, KB, swingolate, wipe out
riding thumb: flip lid, fasc, 1/2 crazy foll thru, stretch cy & wh, swing & circle, chuckaluck, strip diam
ma: sets in mot, stroll & cycle, plan ahead, gr ch 8
another you: cc shad & neigh (2), 2/3 recycle (2)
my year for mex: spl sq ch top axle, chuckaluck, 1 & 2 rollaway, 1/4 deuc, dbl pleas, FB
glendale train: divide ocean (sea) workshop, grand foll thru, gee whiz

Tape #105

el paso: ch sq, fasc, wipe out, cover up, sets in mot, 1/4 deuc, str & cycle
before I met you: regroup, trip set, scramble, ripsaw, hit wall
faster horses: SWL: T-bone: foll neigh, cc neigh, trail off
help me make it: cover up, SWL, step lively, strut R, 14 & rel deuc, wipe out, stretch 2/3 x cycle
bring back: 1 & 2 rollaway, 1/4 deuc, rel shad, x neigh, *arky prom
coward of county: scoot & count & x count, swing gamut, cc shad, motivate, spin pulley, *arky prom

Tape #106

smokey mtn rain: spin pulley, perk up, drift apart, cc shad, KB, 32 beats of banjo strumming
lucille: 1 & 2 rollaway, 1/4 deuc, spin ch line, snap lock, ripsaw, ch sq, KB, chase CT
rosalies boat: 3/4 thru (2) & swing to fract from RH & LH waves, RB, cc shad, expl diam, about, alamo swing to fract
I don't know why: gee whiz, hocus pocus, sc & count & little, swingolate, mini-busy, perk up, KB
before I met you: #1 box gnat, beaus KO (2), reach out, SWL, latch on, boys & girls T-bone
dallas: #1 box gnat, FB, cc neigh, reach out, beau hop, snap lock, regroup, 1/4 deuc, boys & girls T-bone, asym flnish

Tape #107

my year for mex: #1 box gnat, sq thru boys 3, lift off, rip off, change centers, chase neigh, boys & girls T-bone
she's my rock: chase & flip neigh, inverted line tally ho & cover up, SWL
after ball: 1 & 2 rollaway, snap lock, lockers choice, gee whiz, link up, cc shad, chuckaluck, boy bypass, asym finish
before I met you: #1 box the gnat, trail top, phantom rel top, reach out, gee whiz, chkmate, boys & girls T-bone
this time for love: bounce, step lively, flip galaxy, lines 3/4 thru thru 1 1/2, flip & swt to diam from thar
dallas: beaus KO (2) & team up from 3 & 1 line, scramble, cc shad, rims trade sc & dodge

Tape #108

don't think twice: spin pulley, dbl down, link up, foll lead, cc shad, T-bone 2 steps at time
this time for love: SWL, rel shad, cc shad, tag top, 1/2 crazy patch
riding thumb: hubs trade back, dbl pleas, lift off, ferris 1/2 tag
let me be there: 1/2 crazy foll to diam, kick habit, all 8 trixie spin
everybody's fool: unusual team up's, reach out, cc shad, shake & rattle, 2 steps at time, expl diam, strut R
ma: foll lead, scoot & fancy, lift off, snap lock, stampede, hocus pocus, funny 3-2 AD

Tape #109

goodtime charley: cc shad & neigh, tag top, along, snap lock, flip neigh, vert strut L, *arky prom
dallas: ferris, triple box, stampede, shuttle, scoot diam, expl diam, touch of class, all 8: trixie spin, mix, linear cycle
stay until tomorrow: sets in mot, swt & circ 1/2, wipe out, big block, stagger circ, bias circ, cc shad
something bout you: spin back, swing back, swingolate, SWL; cc, flip & x neigh, *arky prom
pride: TB beau & belle hop, flip & cc neigh
smokey mtn rain: rims trade, kick habit, x breed thru, change image, snap lock, chase neigh, team up, reach out, 1 & 2 rollaway, asym finish

Tape #110

this time for love: dbl pleas, stretch ah so & wh & deal (2), strut R, trail top, here come judge
if you can't feel it: line to line, chisel thru, wipe out, 1/4 deuc, swingolate, fasc, swt & circ 1/2
pride: chuckaluck, shuttle, reach out, team up, zoomroll circ, 1 & 2 rollaway
mary ann: snap lock, chase neigh, chase CT, ripsaw, ch sq, dbl pleas, wipe out, cc neigh, gamut, *arky prom
everybody's fool: change wave, trixie spin, 1/4 deuc, rev top, 1 & 2 rollaway, asym finish
love train: bits & pieces, triple play, magic file to line, step lively, *arky prom, funny slide thru ad infinitum (funny slide thru & continue as long as any 2 dancers face)

Tape #111

mon morn secretary: snap lock, change image, trip set, peel CT, scramble, swingolate, wipe out, *arky prom
lucille: rel shad, chkover, orbit circ, rev swap top, L ch sq
look me over: hocus pocus, expand col, tag top, along, rev top, *arky prom, 1 & 2 rollaway, asym finish
happiness of having you: orbit circ, swlngolate, cc deuc, drift apart
after ball: unusual regroup & chuckaluck, funny pass thru, #1 rollaway
dallas: 1/2 crazy swt, good show, tag neigh, cc neigh & shad, peel CT, boy kick habit girl hocus pocus, 1 & 2 rollaway, *arky prom

Tape #112

riding thumb: expl top workshop, chisel thru, ch sq
stay until tomorrow: curlique & roll, strut R, KB, dbl down
love train:.snap lock, percolate, change image, lift off, 1/2 crazy recycle, lines spin top thru, expl diam, here come judge, fol yel brick road
devil's eyes are blue: curly wheel, stack line, bounce, triple play, foll lead, touch of class, chkover, sc & count
look me over: collapse diam, T-bone foll & trail to diam, cc shad, wipe out
pride: snap. lock, reach out, cc shad, change image, boy pass & roll girl chase neigh, boy kick habit girl hocus pocus, gamut, 1 & 2 rollaway

Tape #113

good hrt woman: cc neigh & shad, perk up, SWL, bias circ, link up, L ch sq
my year for mex: scoot & fancy workshop, 1/4 deuc
everybody's fool: stretch recyc (3), bias circ, rev top, ch react, swingolate, rev recyc, touch of class, sh & rat, *arky prom
cross the brazos: chuckaluck, fan thru, turn to line, gr ch 8, ease off, strut R, SWL, ch sq, KB, x breed thru, tag top, 1 & 2 rollaway
look me over: touch of class, curly wheel, link up, stack line, foll lead, scatter circ, TB & once rem sh & rat
ma: sq thru boy 3, spin pulley, gee whiz, rotary spin, breaker 3, *arky prom, T-bone: shake down, rip off, mini-chase

Tape #114

west va: KB, 1/4 deuc, diam CT, bits & pieces, coordinate, presto, bias circ, touch of class, sc & fancy, *arky prom
mountain dew: swingolate, mini-busy, ch react, hocus pocus, expand col, div ocean & sea, cc shad, reach out, detour
stay until tomorrow: x & cc neigh, scatter circ, T-bone 1/2 crazy beaus KO
sin to tell lie: dbl pleas, KB, swingolate, with confidence, drift apart, bits & pieces, wind bobbin, touch of class, rev top, *arky prom
look me over: 1/2 crazy trixie spin, collapse, breaker, rel shad, SWL, shake & rattle, reach out
pride: unusual link up & x & wheel, short & sweet, expl top, bypass, dbl pleas, cover up, strut R, 1 & 2 roll away, *arky prom, asym finish

Tape #115

leroy brown: wind bobbin, kick habit, catch 4, flip neigh & lead, track & trade, reach out, swing CT, *arky prom
stay until tomorrow: scoot & plenty, little, ramble, counter, rally; good show
dallas: rims trade, hubs trade, breaker 3, detour, kick habit, team up
gambler: step lively workshop, lift off, tag neigh, bits & pieces, expand col, here come judge, swingalong & spread the gamut
ma: split xfer, bypass, T-bone 1/2 crazy rip off & shake & rattle
love train: rims trade, lines shakedown thru, unusual plan ahead, kick habit, shake & rattle, T-bone fasc & sets in motion, *arky prom

Tape #116

help me make it: rims trade, shake & rattle, fasc, scoot & ramble, ease off, dixie grand, zip code
there won't be any more: sq CT, spin ch gears, dbl down, change image, reach out, chkover, rotary circ, flip neigh, kick habit, trade diam, *arky prom
love train: foll to diam, strip diam, diam swing thru & 1/4 thru, wipe out, collapse diam, expand col, hocus pocus, *arky prom
smokey mtn rain: foll to diam, strip diam, hit wall, stack line, rev top, grand ch 8, latch on
john law: 2 steps at time, strut R, bias circ, foll lead, turnover, link up, *arky prom, 2-F: rel shad, spin ch line, swingolate
boogie grass band: something new, swing & circle, strip diam, cc neigh, rims trade. 1/2 crazy, rev swap top, wipe out, trixie spin, sing wh, *arky prom

Tape #117

anytime: exch diam, diam 1/4 thru, wipe out, scoot & count, perk up, fall to diam, spin pulley, link up, dbl down, run wild
ain't love a good thing: rot circ, step lively, ch sq, wipe out, kick habit, touch of class, *arky prom
make the world go away: scat circ, snap lock, chase neigh, zoomroll circ, dbl down, wipe out, change centers, 1 & 2 rollaway, *arky prom
smokey mtn rain: zoomroll circ, inter phant lines shakedown, spl phant lines KB, spl phant waves: touch of class, cast shad, spin ch thru; run wild, chkmate *arky prom
lean on me: cc shad, x neigh, presto, reach out, bits & pieces, catch 2, 3, 4, *arky prom
devil's eyes are blue: dbl down, snap lock, chase L, trip set, regroup, 1 & 2 rollaway, *arky prom

Tape #118

green grass of home: grand parade, spin pulley, motivate, lift off, rel top, kick habit, *arky prom; diam: fall to, exch, strip
riding thumb: link up, busy & xfire, patch, go 1st class, swingolate, *arky prom
anytime: rev top, patch, hit wall, curlipass, curliwh, repl col, fall lead, cc neigh & deuc, expl diam, ripsaw, 1 & 2 box gnat
just because: scramble, here come judge, rev swap top, orbit circ, 1 & 2 box gnat, *arky prom
whose heart breaking: cc deuc, crazy shk & rat, trade deuc, hit wall, change image, exp col, hoc pac, here come judge, *arky prom
rosalies boat: phant gr ch 8 needing to know facing dir of phant, ease off, bias circ. shk & rat

future tapes may or may not have arky promenades

Tape #119

devil's eyes are blue: remake, quick step & wrap, run wild, bits & pcs, cc shad
everybody's fool: something new, explosion, run wild, fancy, swt & cir 1/4, str & cyc, fascinate, releese
just because: cc shad, foll & strip diam, scram, chkalk, fan cn line, bypass, wipe out, 2-F: rev top, swingolate, spin ch line
bring back: rev swap top, with conf, tag top, along, bias circ, by golly, rev in style, 1 & 2 box gnat, rims trade: shk & rat, team up
look me over: hoc poc, touch of class, x eye, 1 & 2 box gnat, unusual drift apart & peel & trail
loving you is easier: grand parade, ch reac, zoomroll circ, dbl down, bias circ, explosion, track & trade, dbl pleas, bits & pcs, presto, lockers choice. kick habit

Tape # 120

smokey mtn rain: kick habit, quick wrap & magic, dbl down, cc shad, ease off, reset 1/2, set back
glendale train: quick step, flip line, polly wally, bias circ
ma: snap lock, chg image, scramble, trip set, hoc poc, shk & rat, reach out, foll to diam ch thru, strip diam
love train: ch reac, release, bypass, mini: chase, busy, pleas
bring back: x ch & roll, 2 steps time, snap lock, chkalk, here come judge, swingolate, 1 & 2 r & l thru
mountain dew: diabolical lickety splits & magic, team up, breaker 3, pass top, lift off, wave beaus, run wild

Tape #121

just because: phant cast shad, TB bingo, TB & once rem shk & rat, change lanes, reactivate & x, rch out, wipe out
chain gang: remake, chg lanes, rch out, bts & pcs, with conf, wipe out
summertime dream: conn diam, trix sp, chg lanes, qck step, shk & rat, asym fin
rosalies boat: rev top, ripoff, quick step & wrap, take 2, sets mot, swingolate
before I met you: roll out brl, brl fun, repl col, peel CT
loving you is easier: with conf, team up, bkr 3, catch 4, lock choice, swglate

Tape #122

folsom prison: cc deuc, remake, rot circ, take 2, qck step, wind bob, shk & rat
summertime dream: cc shad, KB, lck choice, wipe out, swt lead, trix sp, 1st choice
dream lover: trip set scramble, chg lanes, repl & exp col, chklck, ease off, ch sq, curliwh, team up, rch out, shk & rat
cross the brazos: tag & snag circ, ease off, chg image, hoc pac, grand parade, cc shad, conn diam, lines (anything) thru, brk 3, swgolate, latch on
love train: drf apart, bounce, busy x-fire, rev top, whl sea
rhythm of rain: fall lead, lin act, lck choice, run wild, along, cc shad, fasc, sets in M, trix sp, chn react, tch of class

Tape #123

just because: cross to diam, once-rem swt, chkpoint, scoot & lit, foll lead, trip play, swgolate, trix sp, flip line, polly wally, 1 & 2 rollaway
rhythm of rain: chg lanes, flip lead, cast anchor, snap lock, scramble, presto, roll out brl, repl col, catch 4
chain gang: exp col, good show, scat circ, nicely, lift off, swteroo, bypass, hit wall, trip set, 1 & 2 rollaway
summertime dream: x neigh, bts & pcs, conc cyc & wh, triple line & wave, snake, truck, single: hinge & trade, scoot & trade, x & wh
look me over: cc neigh, triple box, triple wave flipback, flip neigh, funny, bias circ, latch on, 1 & 2 rollaway
devil's eyes are blue: hit wall, lift off, spin pulley, chg image, hoc poc, shazam, gr ch 8, phan tally ho, gee whiz, link up, asym finish

Tape #124

glendale train: scramble, good show, shk & rat, chklck, sing x & wh
smokey mtn rain: cast anchor, straightaway, remake, inlet, flip lid, strl & eye, go 1st cls, 1 & 2 rollaway
bring back: trip set, gr ch 8, jam thru, zip top, hit wall, split cast, triple cast, rip line, ride tide
boogie grass band: fol lead, disperse workshop, chg lanes, bts & pcs, hoc poc, shk & rat, cc neigh, 1 & 2 rollaway
just because: cc deuc, fan ch line, rims trade, reset, cc shad, fasc, x ch react, funny ch react
pride: spin pulley, snap lock, team up, chklck, hoc poc, dbl pleas, 1 & 2 rollaway, fasc

Tape #125

don't think twice: old & new stretch linear cycle, rev top, revolve to wave, lck choice, sct & fancy, strut R
rosalie's boat: strut L: div ocean, trixie spin, busy 1/2 tag, ripsaw, sing sct & trade, grand turn & deal
you were always on my mind: grand parade, ch react, tch of cIs, bias circ, swingolate, flip lid, lin act, cc deuc, catch 4
riding thumb: chkmate, cc deuc, rims trade, inlet, x reactivate, triple wave & box, unusual split chkmates
my year for mexico: dbl pleas, strut, rev top, sct & fancy, x breed thru, inlet, set back, stack wheel, spin wheel, sing sct trade, link up, 1 & 2 rollaway, asym finish
sunny: reactivate, sct & rally, sct & ramble, swing to fract, zoomroll circ, stampede, pass & roll, bingo, chkmate

Tape #126

slipping away: motivate (3), scoot & plenty (2), relay deueey (2), tally ho (C2 except for swap top)
banjo pickers ball: lin act, zoomroll circ, strip diam, trip play, 1/2 crazy belle hop, good show, link up, wipe out, checker board & box
love train: catch 2, swap wave, turn to line, remake, whl sea, run wild, reset, chg image, x wlk & dod, lift off, lick split & invert, 1 & 2 rollaway
just because: exp col, strike out, break 3, chk point, rotary step & fold, spin pulley, T-bone: shk & rat, hoc poe, lick split, fol to diam (C4)
everybody's fool: side track & split, couple up, travel thru, swap wave, split dixie & gr ch 8
glendale train: break 3, jam thru, stampede, ch sq, rev top, lift off, unusual square-ups

Tape #127

devil's eyes: cross to & coll diam, swap wave, turn to line, reset, ripsaw, bingo, ease off, conc swt to diam
look me over: reset, pushoff, HS turn, pass top
amarillo by morning: flip neigh, bits & pcs, percolate, presto, cast anchor
rhythm of rain: turnover, flip neigh, TB x back, expl diam, dbl down, chase L
before I met you: bits & pcs, fan ch line, turnover, cross sashay, trixie spin, short & swt, siam bkdn, lick split, presto, bingo, wind bobbin
summertime dream: lick split, pushoff, siam bkdn, swap wave,percolate, turn to line, remake

Tape #128

riding thumb: load boat, pass axle, sq bases, expl top, line to line, trav thru, pass top, drift apart motivate, wipe out
pride: strike out, exp col, chg lanes, cc deuc, invert file to line, catch 2, 3, & 4
bring back: catch 4, diam t thru & swg thru, expl diam, snag circ, ease off, push off, zip code, invert kick habit, conc foll thru, dbl down, sock it to me
selfish: x reactivate, chase CT, flip lid, SWL, swg & cir
boogie grass band: expl diam, trip set, scramble, strut L; spin pulley, central cover up
dallas: jam thru, ride tide, take 2, 8-by, lick splt, cross to diam, cykick, strike out, x wlk & dodge, brk 3, divi up, shk & rat, 1 & 2 rollaway

Tape #129

someday soon: sct & cykick, ends cut-in, ctrs cut-out, x sashay, stimulate, beau & belle tie, splash
my year for mexico: perk up, chg image, bingo, hit wall, swt lead, turnover, swt along
love train: swt & cir, reactivate, pitch, x ramble, counter, divi up, odd dix grand, pass top
rosalies boat: split diff, x lockers choice, belle hop, split trade diff, revert ch sq & fan top, expl diam, jam thru, beau hop
mon morn secretary: pitch, triple box zing, swap wave, turn to line, divi up
banjo pickers ball: chg lanes, cykick, chip off, splash, pair line, fall into col, clear out, push off, ends cut-in, ctrs cut-out, flare out to line, pass top, change-o, disperse, B-by, fan ch line, tag & spin, make a pass, strike out, adv to col, tunnel, stimulate, divi up, qck step, line to line, mix line, invert kick habit (C4)

NOTE: In "love train" the "pass the top & roll" is based on the definition of "pass the top" in Galburt's Glossary. It is assumed that the original ends can roll & that the original centers cannot. Definitions from other sources may invalidate this assumption.

Tape #130

dream lover: beaus & belles adv to col, repl col, flare out to line, sq bases, chkover, good show
everybody's fool: step lively, lick split, spin a wheel, bingo, chg lanes, wind bobbin, invert: team up, kick hab, detour
I don't know why: swt & flip lead, asym finish (for Bill & Carol Heimann as # 1 couple)
the rose: 2 steps at time, x sashay, nicely, dbl pleas, central strike out, scoot apart
devil's eyes: breakaway, straightaway, ferris, soft touch, inlet, foIl lead, fan ch line, divi up, funny, 1 & 2 rollaway
you're nobody til somebody: chkalck, spin ch line, trip set, press, asym finish (for Betsy Berry as # 1 belle)

Tape #131

you always hurt: bingo, sq bases, swg ch thru, perk up, ends cut-in
look me over: 1/4 mix, pitch, split cast, cykick, cut O, hit wall, funny, x sashay, turnover, triple cast, strut L, 1 & 2 rollaway
after the ball: splash: swing to col, swg CT, good show, C-1 phant, siam twosome prom
dallas: rev 1/2 crazy recycle, 8-by, collapse, lick split, explosion, conc swt to diam, split diff, revert DPT, recount
anytime: swap wave, chkover, 1 & 2 rollaway
wabash cannon ball: 1/2 crazy 2F rev top, 8-by, divi up, rip line, push off, sct & fancy, coupl & tand twosome prom

Tape #132

amarillo: line to line, ch sq, splt dix style, step lively, mini-busy, sct & rally, flip neigh
boogie grass band: sp ch exch gears, sing sct & trade, erase, gee whiz, swg to col, you all, chkover, wheel sea, 1 & 2 rollaway
after the loving: reactivate, perk up, sq bases, patch, sct & little more, zip top
just because: hang loose, trav thru, wave beaus (belles), lick splt, swgolate, sq ch top, swap wave, tch of cIs, invert team up
let world go by: stimulate, open up col, contour line, nip & tuck, with conf, divi up, chis thru, sq bases, ride tide
before I met you: lick splt, rot step & fold, zip top, kick hab, x sash, chip off, with conf, 1st choice, TB bingo & shk & rat, bts & pcs, good show, fasc, press, asym finish (for Ben Rubright as # 1 beau)

Tape #133

I don't want to cry: chg lanes, flip neigh, fan ch line, zip top
look me over: beau & belle tie, presto, swg CT, rev 1/2 crazy beau tie (slight fudge)
you always hurt: sidetrack, mix line, pass axle, fancy, revert DPT, trix spin, crackle, funny ch react, turnaway
you're nobody til somebody: buckle, divi up, jam thru, splt mixed-up pass thru, stable
four leaf clover: ship ahoy, tcross, bingo, qck step, grand & 1/2 crazy recoil
pride: nip & tuck, tunnel, spin pulley, random twosome

Tape #134

paper roses: presto, reI pleas, cykick, swt lead, catch, breaker, stp lively, hang loose, trix spin, bts & pcs, curl apart
don't you ever get tired: flip neigh, cc neigh, pass & roll neigh, perk up
ma: buckle, belle hop, catch 4 motiv, catch motiv 3, swgolate
dallas: turnaway, hang a R/L, chkpt, twosome, trix spin
everybody's fool: cross to diam, 1/2 beau kckoff, C-1 phant, twosome prom, pln ahd, revert DPT, reset, buckle, central, hit wall, lin cycle
riding my thumb: dbl down, 1/2 crazy, pass axle, mix line, spin pulley, setback, x sash, revert: DPT, sidetrack, wind bobbin

Tape #135

do remember me: nice & easy, zing, lift off, swt lead, divi up, pln ahd, setback
my year for mexico: chkalck, tunnel, bounce, central, belle tie, ride tide, transition
wabash cannon ball: nip & tuck, turnover, busy wh & deal, bingo, shad box, random triple box recoil
love train: wh ocean, cut across, linear flow (x & cc)
look me over: 1 & 2 rollaway, dbl pleas, snap lock, beau hop, boys & girls T-bone
hello dolly: long trip, qck step, good show, 1st choice, busy wh & deal, pass & roll neigh

NOTE: In the second part of "long trip" it is assumed the centers "box circulate" rather than "pass thru".

Tape #136

C2 (6 singing calls [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6] using 44 C2 calls)

Tape #137

blueberry hill: outlet, chg lanes, flip lid, reactivate, long trip
let world go by: sct & fancy, triple cast, split cast, dix style, run wild, 1 & 2 rollaway
you're 16: stimulate, lin flow, kick hab, curl apart, scoot apart
pride: ends cut-in, centers cut-out, presto, gee whiz, walk plank & clover, stimulate, rollout to col, asym finish
look me over & banjo pickers ball: C4 (54 C4L calls)

Tape #138

houston: run wild, kick hab, ends cut-in, cast net, triple cast, long trip, zip top
do remember me: release, truck, divided waves
beverly hillbillies: adv to col, rev to wave, gee whiz, jam thru, rev top, buckle, hit wall, centers thru close gate
laughing on outside: strike out, exp col, walk plank & clover, make magic, presto, quick step & wrap
four-leaf clover: anything percolate, trav thru, whl sea, scramble, about
dallas: cast net, triple cast, rel diam, curl apart, 1 & 2 rollaway, asym finish

Tape #139

fancy free: sct & count, curl apart, kick hab, perk up, set back
let world go by: pln ahd, jam thru, lick splt, ease off, good show
you're nobody til somebody: release, mystic trip box, offset lines, triple waves, gee whiz, short & swt
just because: stroll & anything, straightaway, repl col, pitch, C1 phant
boogie grass band: you're on your own, stp lively, lick splt, pln ahd, zip top, stampede
that's what I like: 1 & 2 rollaway, settle back, finish anything, mark time, snake, sing sct & trade, asym finish

Tape #140

four-leaf clover: stampede, flip lid, walk out to col, twosome, pitch, finish anything
beautiful brown eyes: phant col & wave, divided col & wave, settle back, jam thru, long trip, twosome
do remember me: settle back, outpost, finish anything, shad box, divi up, pln ahd, central, in dixie style, walk out to col
your always hurt: 1 & 2 rollaway, twosome, trixie spin, settle back, splt trade diff, asym finish
look me over: with finesse, curl apart, snake, sing sct & trade, ship ahoy, belles kickoff 1 1/2, asym finish
banjo pickers ball: phan t col & wave, nip & tuck, cut across, 1 & 2 rollaway, repl col

Tape #141

cowboys: spin ch exch gears, cast anchor, trixiespin
somebody else: slim down, step lively, 1st choice, plenty but replace ..., on your own, disband
foggy mtn brkdwn: triple box & wave, turnstyle, x sashay, replay
banjo pickers ball: 1 & 2 rollaway,clean sweep, random, splt diff, rip off, walk out to col, cast anchor
yuu always hurt: slim down, pass top, orbit circ, on your own, qck step, diam step & folds, siamese circ
do remember me: settleback, on your own, bypass, funny, random, 1 & 2 rollaway, shuttle, asym finish

Memories of Stan

Helena Robinson

Excerpt from 1998 e-mail in which Helena Robinson explains how and why she learned the various dance programs:

We never figured to go beyond C2; since C3 and C4 didn't seem to be dancing from what we'd seen at the time. Then we saw a group dancing to Stanley Winchester tapes at the National Challenge Convention (now National Adv. & Challenge) - and concluded that one really could DANCE at those higher levels. It took awhile, but we eventually got into the appropriate workshops. And we've even had the chance to dance some of those tapes that first inspired us! :-)

Clark Baker

Excerpt from 1999 e-mail in which Clark Baker tells the sd-callers e-mail list about Stan Winchester. This was part of a discussion on how to get singing calls to fit the music.

I want to introduce you to Stan Winchester.

As one moves into Advanced and Challenge, a greater emphasis is placed on choreo complexity and puzzle solving, and less enjoyment is derived from singing calls. By C1, most callers don't do singing calls. Sometimes they will end a dance with a singing call, but it would be unusual to have each tip be the usual patter and singer.

At Challenge, most of the choreography is pre-choreographed, and when singing calls are done, the good callers have written singing call figures appropriate to the level (C1, C2, C3A, C3B, or C4). These are fine, and fit in the category of ordinary singing calls as defined above.

Stan, a C3B dancer decided, to write his own figures. He set himself several goals, worked hard, and eventually created several singing calls (to existing records). While he was not a caller, and I don't know his singing background, he practiced performing these singing calls, and eventually recorded them by himself (no dancers) on cassette tape. He mailed copies of the tape to a few of his dancer friends and we tried to dance the singing calls. We were blown away!

First off, they were hard. He would pick a handful of challenge calls to feature and use them in a variety of confusing ways. The singing calls were closely timed. He fit the words of the calls into the real words of the song. In the singing call You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Me Lucille, Stan has the line Checkover The Children where Checkover is the call we are supposed to do and the cadence of Checkover and the phrase "the children" fit the music and the original song. Oh, and did I say that these singing calls are hard.

Stan's job was made a little easier because, writing C3 and C4 he had a wide range of calls, both dance actions and words and phrases, from which to choose.

Most dancers wouldn't have knowledge on how to resolve the square. Stan faced the harder task of moving the dancers around and getting them home in exactly 64 beats of music. He invented a unique solution to this problem which I have never seen described or used by anyone else.

Once he realized that there were people with the skills to dance his singing calls, and that they really enjoyed them, he wrote and recorded more. As far as I know, he never called any of them live, and recording them was a solitary activity.

Stan passed on a few years ago. Many of us have collections of his recordings and still dance them. I am always amazed by his ability to fit the words and actions of the calls into the words and actions of the music.

Corey Jaseph

Excerpt from 2000 e-mail in which Corey Jaseph describes a special tip at the last National Advanced and Challenge Convention called by Ben Rubright. Ben used to live in Charlotte and communicated often with Stan.

In fact, the highlight of the convention, and probably of all conventions for me was Ben Rubright's last tip, which was also the last tip in the C4 hall. It was an NACC memorial tip, which I hope I remember correctly (someone please correct me if I get something wrong). Ben first called a sequence that Vic Ceder had called some years before: Starting from a RH column, Swing the Fractions, Interrupting after each part with a Step and Fold. The Ross Howell memorial call was to do a Trade Motivate 5 times, turning the star like a Swing the Fractions (originally, this was an Orbit Motivate. This one got some of my square—on the fourth Motivate, we turned the star 4 times instead of 2). Clark Baker's call was Scoot and Plenty, interrupting before each star turn with Book a Tip (a joke, and something the C4 old-timers will remember). After the tip was over, Ben explained who originally called these sequences, and went on to say that the music he used was a record often used by Stan Winchester. This left not many dry eyes in the house, and Ben was not able to go on to say that he didn't have a Lee Kopman memorial sequence, because most of the calls we all use and dance to were written by Lee. It was the classiest and most clever dance sequence I've danced, and a wonderfully appropriate way to wrap up a great convention.

Branden Chopelas

October 2006 e-mail from Branden Chopelas:

I love that you have immortalized "Pops". I am Wendy's daughter, and eldest grandchild of Stan. Because of the age of my siblings and cousins, I am probably the only one that remembers my grandparents square dancing.

I do have one correction—yes his recording was often a solitary event. But if he ever had his granddaughter with him, there was never a time I could not sit a listen to him. I remember especially, "Lucille" and "The Gambler" (maybe "Ruby" too — his Kenny Rogers kick).

I never thought that Pops recordings were all that unusual, much less in high demand. When Chuck and Betsy Berry came into the picture was the first time I realized what he did was unique. He always had a notebook with him and I would see his chicken scratch handwriting with all of these squares and numbers. He was a mathematician, only man I knew who could help me with my Calculus with out even looking at what chapter I was on!!

For my brothers and cousins, this side of Pops is probably foreign to them. By the time they came along he was known for so many other things and this era of his life was over. But your website will continue to bring joyful memories to me of a big blue recording machine and a really cool looking microphone—and one of the greatest men that I have ever known!

Clark: What more can you tell me about him doing the actual recording? When he recording a song, how many "takes" did he take?

Branden: Honestly, I don't remember much about his recording except that it did seem to take him a long time. He kept going back and forth and I do know on the ones I listened to, by the time the evening was over (usually just one song if that), I knew the whole song—his way. I was born in '72, so I was 8-9-10 when I was interested in listening to him. Mostly I remember the equipment, the orange ashtray (he smoked at the time) and when it is was over the certain death I would have if I touched ANYTHING! He covered his equipment with a flowered bed sheet.

Clark: I always assumed that he might not be able to get the entire 3 1/2 minute song exactly correct (choreography, let along singing) when performing live.

Branden: You are probably right. However, he was such an unassuming man, I don't remember him ever speaking in front of a crowd. Two of his daughters (mom especially) don't like to do that either. I think some of it was that he really enjoyed the choreography of it, and probably wanted to see it and be in the action rather than concentrate on calling.

Clark: Did he like to sing? Would he sing for you guys?

Branden: No, Pops never sang to us. Not even silly songs. I know he could play the piano, but I never heard that much either. From what I understand he had a pretty good ear for music, but I always equated his talent with his math skills not his music ones. He probably recorded the tapes with his own voice for the timing of it. I think he was afraid it would have frustrated him to have someone else do it and be off. I don't ever think he thought of himself as a singer—EVER.

Ben Rubright

October 2006 e-mail from Ben Rubright:

When I called C-3 in Charlotte, Stan and Coty were one of the couples that attended. He would usually come in with a hand written sequence or three and ask my opinion concerning them. I saved these scraps of paper and if you would like some samples of Stan's handwriting I could provide you with jpegs or something of it. [cmb: we are working on this]

One night in conversation with Stan, he remarked, "I can't understand how you can call any level below C-3A". I asked him why he felt that way and he said "If you take Swap the Top away from me, I can't do anything".

When Callerlab was in Chicago back in the 80's, I attended and Bill Heimann also came to some of the meetings. One of the meetings that we both attended had to do with how many beats it took to do certain calls. There was some discussion back and forth (argument, if you will). Bill turned to me and said, "Why don't they just ask Stan?" Good question.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I love Stan's site. Hopefully this will lead to a new generation of Stan appreciators. I remember the NACC Stan Winchester midnight sessions with Stan running the tape recorder with new routines that no one had ever heard. What a joy it was for dancers and spectators alike. It alone was worth the price of admission.

Bill Heimann

October 2006 e-mail discussion in which Bill Heimann answers the following question from Chuck Berry:

Chuck: What would all of you say was Stan's Best Creation?

Bill: His Best Creation? Wow, that's a tuffy.

My choice would be how Stan showed the square dancing world

  1. That you could indeed write and call challenging material that was timed perfectly;

  2. That it could be danced that way;

  3. To the extent that many dancers had trouble adjusting to this style, it provided a realistic goal; and

  4. His singing calls validated our desire for "wind in the face" dancing.
I think it inspired callers like Ben and Lynette, and from them the idea spread to others that followed.

Eric Brosius

Back when the National Advanced and Challenge Convention (NACC) was still running, many challenge dancers would set aside time during one of the evenings to dance Stanley Winchester's tapes. The Convention authorities frowned on the idea that dancers would dance to tapes while live callers were calling, but they didn't understand—this was Stanley Winchester calling! On a few occasions, Stan would bring new material to NACC and present it "live" to the dancers who had gathered for the event. This didn't mean he took a microphone in hand and called in the traditional manner; I never saw him do this. Instead, he sat with the tape recorder at the front of the room set aside for dancing and played the brand-new tapes for us to dance to.

One year he brought a tape with two tips that contained, between them, all the C4 calls (was it just C4A? I can't remember.) Usually during a Winchester singer, you try to "page in" the calls he's focusing on, because you know you may be seeing harder examples later. For these tips, though, we had to "page out" the C4 calls we heard because we knew he'd be moving on to the next one. I understand that Stan was almost as amazed by the dancers' ability to dance his material reasonably well on the first try as we were by the material he had written.

There's one tip that sticks in my memory clearly after fifteen years or more. Before he started the tape, Stan asked us politely "y'all know how to do Step and Fold from Diamonds, don't you?" Generally he was a man of few words, so we should have taken his warning, but we walked right into his net. "Oh, yes," we said. "We know how to do Step and Fold from Diamonds. We're CHALLENGE DANCERS. We know that sort of thing." He didn't say anything else, but just pressed the Play button to start the tape running.

We were dancing along when, without warning, from what I believe were Lines Facing, the voice from the tape recorder sang out "Catch Switch to a Diamond 3 Coordinate." At that point we all realized that, no, we didn't know Step and Fold from Diamonds quite as well as we thought we did. Stan was too much of a gentleman to say anything about our comeuppance, but I have to believe he was chuckling to himself inside. One of Stan's favorite records was "Woman, Where are You," and I have to admit that I've found myself looking around in confusion for my partner just as I hear him sing those words!

Letter from Stan

Ett McAtee writes, "This was a letter written in response to a note sent to Stan Winchester back in 1992, when John and Donaleen and I were all just learning C4. We gathered together one weekend to try out the material and dance some fun C4. It was a magic weekend, and we so appreciated Stan's efforts and genius that we wrote and told him so."

July 26, 1992

Dear Don, Rosemary, John, Ett, Sue, Will, Mary, Linda, etc.

You can't imagine how flattered I was (and am) to learn that a group of people from four different states got together and spent the weekend dancing to material that I wrote. That has to be the ultimate compliment. It's just the therapy I need while I'm recovering (hopefully) from a rather serious health problem.

Coty and I don't dance much anymore. We are part of a tape group of five couples that theoretically gets together once a week to work on C3B (mostly Hotson, Jacobs, and Ben), but we don't meet much in the summer because of vacations. Ben provided us with regular live calling until he moved to California. He left a big hole in our dancing as well as our enthusiasm.

I haven't recorded anything in about two years, but I have bits and pieces (no pun intended) of material that I may sooner or later try to string together into a few singing calls. When, and if, I make another tape, rest assured that you folks will get the first copy.

Thanks again for all the complimentary remarks—I really do appreciate them.




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